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Collagène 5000 - Wrinkle solution


THALGO's nutricosmetics innovation, Collagen 5000, is a comprehensive wrinkle correction solution incorporating the latest scientific advances in anti-ageing, which have highlighted new oxidative processes responsible for cell ageing.
Its exclusive formula contains 5,000 mg of easily assimilated marine collagen hydrolysate, for which the effectiveness in reducing wrinkles has been clinically tested.
AGE’ PROTECT complex, combining Vitamin C and Selenium, helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.


The effectiveness of Peptan™ marine collagen in reducing wrinkles has been clinically tested*.
These studies highlighted, in particular, the ability of collagen to:
• Smooth the skin by reducing the number of wrinkles,
• Prevent the formation of deep wrinkles,
• Improve skin suppleness and hydration.
* 3 clinical studies on 33, 47 and 106 volunteers, in doubleblind versus placebo, with 10 g of Peptan™ collagen hydrolysate per day


Active Ingredients

  • Selenium - 50 ?g= 100% of Maximum Daily Intake

    - Reinforces the skin?s active defences (glutathione cofactor)

  • Vitamine C from Palmaria palmata Algae

    - Helps boost collagen synthesis


Water, Fish collagen hydrolysate (19%), Citric acid, Concentrated cherry juice (Prunus cerasus), Natural cherry flavouring (Prunus cerasus), Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Natural raspberry flavouring (Rubus idaeus) with other natural flavouring, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Sodium selenate, Sucralose

The lists of ingredients used in the composition of all THALGO products are regularly updated. Before using any THALGO product, we recommend that you read the list of ingredients on the packaging.

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1 single dose per day, to be taken in the morning before breakfast. Drink pure or diluted in a glass of water.