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Slim Control ADE Slimming ally


For guilt-free pleasure, with its convenient and discreet pocket format, SLIM CONTROL ADE helps you manage dietary “slips” and maintain your
slimming objective:
• NeOpuntia® nopal absorbs dietary fats and sugars and eliminates them to prevent them from being assimilated or stored;
• spirulina extract helps to naturally limit the assimilation of complex sugars and hence the daily calorie intake.

THALGO Health Innovation:
Slim Control ADE is supplemented with essential liposoluble vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the portion that is absorbed by the nopal fibres and thus not assimilated by the body. Thanks to an unprecedented microencapsulation technology, the vitamins are protected in the stomach to be released at the level of the intestines, where they are assimilated. In this way, Slim Control ADE helps maintain the body’s natural balance.


Active Ingredients

  • Nutrients: micro-encapsulated essential vitamins A, D, E

  • Substances and plants: Nopal NeOpuntia® and spirulina extract


Sweeteners: Xylitol, Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium Opuntia ficus indica nopal stem (cladode) powder Acidifiers: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate Flavours: Natural flavour, Natural Lemon flavour with other natural flavours Aqueous dry extract of Arthrospira platensis spirulina (base: maltodextrin) Vitamin mix (stabiliser: calcium phosphate, coating agent: shellac, vitamins E, A and D3) Medium-chain triglycerides

The lists of ingredients used in the composition of all THALGO products are regularly updated. Before using any THALGO product, we recommend that you read the list of ingredients on the packaging.

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Professional application gesture

Take one stick 15 minutes after meals rich in fats and sugars, consuming it slowly and gradually.              
1 to 2 sticks a day.