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Who is Aurore Asso ?

Aurore Asso interviewée par BFM TV

“After studying agronomy in order to stay close to nature, I trained as a perfumer and worked in the fragrance industry for 4 years. The move from the olfactory to the audiovisual world came naturally. Today I’m making documentaries and pursuing an ideal – to raise people’s awareness of ecological issues.


In parallel to my professional life, I have always had an exploration instinct, an urge to see new places.


I’ve climbed the peaks of the Alps, sailed the oceans, journeyed through Japan and New Zealand, but above all there’s always been the sea, ever further, ever deeper.


I started free-diving in Greece, at the age of eight, looking for treasures at the bottom of the sea – the necks of amphorae, abalone shells, sea urchins... Then I witnessed the birth and development of this sport, which has today reached a professional level.”



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