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Cold Cream Marine

Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream

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A 2-in-1 repairing balm cream with Cold Cream Marine that nourishes and softens even the driest hands, whilst strengthening the nails.

Hand & Foot Beauty

Moisturise the Body

50 ml

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Deeply Nourishing Hand Massage

An area subject to everyday stress, your hands need comforting. All the expertise of THALGO’s massage techniques - stroking, kneading, stretching - coupled with the effectiveness of the Cold Cream Marine recipe, for a unique moment of enveloping and repairing.

Deeply Nourishing Foot Massage

The feet represent the essential connectors between Earth and Heaven for a good flow of energy. This massage provides deep well-being and intense relief of nervous tension.
This massage, combined with the soft texture of Deeply Nourishing Foot Cream, is the perfect way to relax and repair.

Apply as often as necessary, focusing on the nails.

Day after day, the hands regain their softness and the nails are strengthened.

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